Your words, visualized.

Throughout history the beauty of words has always been presented in one of two ways. The first is through the spoken word or written stories. The second is the visual interpretation of how a typeface or individual letter actually looks. We've created an entirely new way that presents something beautiful and unique without depending on the letters or the sounds they make.

STRING DNA is a data visualization project built by Corum + Guerrette that generates an image from a short string of text. While brainstorming an internal art project, we thought rather than using a large data set to create something intriguing, what's the smallest bit of data we could use? What could we do with something as simple as a name?

Pursuing that idea we established a few ground rules: No use of random numbers, no arbitrary hard-coded values and no pre-made graphic assets. That left us with one value to play with, the position of the letters in the alphabet, A=1, B=2, etc. Therefore using a string totaling no more than 26 characters, each letter creates a singular design.

Furthermore, the visual output of each letter evolves based on both the preceding and following letter. This creates an ever-evolving output where no two words look alike and even the difference of one letter can result in a completely new design. So try entering your name, or maybe a favorite song title. What's your pets name look like? Or what about a random collection of letters and numbers? The possible combinations and outputs are literally limitless.

You will need the latest Flash Player to view your STRING DNA: